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25 Years Offering Mufflers, Catalytic Converters & Exhaust Systems to Customers & Businesses Around the Country.
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Wholesale & Retail Exhaust Supplier to Florida and the USA

Daytona Converter is a supplier of exhaust systems, catalytic converters, mufflers and more dedicated to providing superior customer service and quality products allowing our clients to focus on running their business instead of waiting on ordered parts.


Quality Parts and Service

For more than 27 years, Daytona Converter has been proud to offer exemplary customer service and high-quality products at great prices to businesses around the country. We strive to meet your needs the first time, so you come back to us every time!  


Daytona Converter Offers the Following Products

Exhaust Systems

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Catalytic Converters

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Muffler Shop

Custom Exhaust System Services in Ormond & Daytona Beach, Fl

expert exhaust system installation daytona converter

We build your exhaust system the way YOU want it!

With over 80 years combined experience working with mufflers, exhaust systems and catalytic converters, Daytona Converter’s expert team has the experience and expertise to build any custom exhaust system and our muffler shop provides a wide range of installation services to customers.

Exhaust System Experts

We recently welcomed back local exhaust legend Marty Parrish formerly of Marty’s Muffler Center, who brings 37 years of custom pipe bending experience to our already talented group of installers.


Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment

If you're interested in scheduling an appointment for your new custom exhaust system, please contact Daytona Converter at (386) 672-6072. You may also contact us by email at info@daytonaconverter.com, or visit our shop at 880 Airport Rd Suite 106 Ormond, Beach, Florida 32174.

History of Daytona Converter

Growing Business

Through the next several years, we constantly added product lines that our ever-growing customer base demanded, and in 1994, Rob, Bobby’s son, joined the force. Being young and hungry for more sales, Rob worked with Bobby to add more lines and grow in more areas. In 1996, we opened our first retail store and grew our services there to include complete auto service as well as custom exhaust. David joined our ranks then as an expert exhaust installer as well as a mechanic.


Founded on Family

In October of 1991, Daytona Catalytic Converter was founded by Bobby Benincasa. Working out of the family’s home garage, and mom’s minivan as a delivery truck, Bobby went out looking for customers to sell to. After a rather underwhelming week selling only four converters and much second-guessing of himself, Bobby continued on the journey.

An Industry Leader

In 2020, after outgrowing several warehouses due to increasing demand from customers, we moved to our current 20,000 sq. ft. facility, where our team and product lines have continued to expand. We have thousands of parts for all your exhaust needs in 2024 and beyond. We strive to help our loyal customers and it is our goal to deliver the best customer service possible at all times. We believe the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little extra effort. 

We thank all our loyal friends and customers for a great 2023 and together we can make 2024 and every year the best ever!


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Frequently Asked Questions by Customers

The short answer is No. Despite many states not conducting converter inspections, it’s still federal law to have them on your vehicles and operating correctly.  Shops willing to break the law and remove them can be held liable and fined, as can vehicle owners themselves, if caught.

P0420 code “catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank is a code that your vehicles computer will set when it sees that the catalytic converter is not working efficiently. This can be either because the CAT (Catalytic Converter) is not working properly, but it is more often set because of something besides the CAT.

  • Engine Misfire
  • High Engine Oil or Coolant Consumption (Being burned in the cylinders)
  • Rich or Lean Fuel Mixture
  • Oxygen Sensor

Less Common Causes

  • Retarded Spark Timing
  • Leaded Gasoline Used
  • Leaking Exhaust System
  • Malfunctioning CAT
  • Weak or Poor Spark
  • Coolant Temperature Sensor

Catalytic Converters are emission control devices which are designed to last the life of the vehicle and do not normally require replacement. If a vehicle is properly used and maintained, original converters are covered by the emission control warranty for 8 years or 80,000 miles.

New aftermarket converters are required to be warranted to meet EPA’s emission performance standards for 25,000 miles when the vehicle is properly used and maintained and have a 5 year/50,000-mile warranty on the converter shell and end pipes.

Your vehicle’s catalytic converter is a small, oval-shaped chamber packed with materials such as platinum and/or palladium in a honeycomb-type design that sits ahead of the muffler in its exhaust system to ensure as much exhaust gas as possible passes over these metals, so that they can be converted into less harmful emissions before exiting the tail pipe. The converters placement can make it susceptible to failure from contaminants when other systems aren’t working right under the hood.

Catalytic converter failure can be a pain to fix. This essential emissions system component can sap miles per gallon and drive up your fuel consumption as it gradually loses efficiency and impacts your engine’s power production.

Common Causes for Converter Failure

1. Unburned Fuel

Heat can be damaging to almost any engine component, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most common causes of catalytic converter failure. Engine exhaust is already quite hot, so when you add in a contaminant like unburned fuel, which can find its way into the exhaust system when your motor is running too rich, you compound the effect, as that fuel typically ends up burning inside the converter itself. This can damage or even melt the honeycomb structure that is required for the catalyst metals to do their job, leading to a blockage and restriction in exhaust flow. If your engine is misfiring or if you see a warning code for a bad oxygen sensor, it’s a good idea to take care of the problem before it can lead to catalytic converter failure.

2. Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaking into your engine’s combustion chamber is a serious problem that can eventually do significant damage to your motor. A slow leak, however — say, from a bad head gasket — can also send enough coolant back through the exhaust system over time to clog your catalytic converter and contaminate the materials used inside of it until they are no longer effective. If you notice coolant disappearing from your engine’s reservoir or see white smoke in your exhaust, then that’s a sign of a bad head gasket, which should be corrected immediately.

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Over 27 Years as a leading wholesale parts dealer of mufflers, catalytic converters and exhaust systems.

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